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High-quality physical rehabilitation of military personnel after injury is the key to rapid recovery, increased military strength, and motivation to act. 

The physical rehabilitation program provides for military personnel to undergo a complex of classes necessary for the return of physical activity. In each individual case, the type of training is determined by the rehabilitation doctor of the clinic with which our Foundation cooperates. 

  Currently, together with the "PRO MED" medical center, our Foundation helps defenders receive a full set of necessary measures for a quick recovery.

What does the program involve?

  1. Assessment of the participant's actual condition by a rehabilitation specialist

  2. Determination of the complex of measures necessary for the restoration of physical activity, increase of physical endurance, inclusion of compensatory muscles and/or adaptation to the prosthesis.

  3. Participant's completion of the rehabilitation program in full according to the personal rehabilitation plan - attendance at classes is mandatory

  4. Final testing and assessment after participation in the Program

How to become a member of the free rehabilitation program:

  1. Fill out the Participant Questionnaire on the Fund's website;

  2. Provide the Foundation with supporting documents (military and hospital/sanatorium discharges);

  3.Sign an agreement to receive a free rehabilitation program;

  4. Complete a full course of rehabilitation

  5. Take the final survey.

Financial expenses :

We cover the costs of a complex of rehabilitation classes and necessary procedures. In each case, the list of necessary measures is determined separately.

The foundation is working on the expansion of partner clinics for rehabilitation.

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PROGRAM "4.5.0"

A series of meetings where military personnel can meet their comrades in a comfortable circle and be themselves. They don't evaluate or treat you here, this is a place where you are understood. 

Remembering the past, talking about the present and planning the future - all this is possible in the "4.5.0" program. 

  • Free meeting format

  • New acquaintances and networking

  • Receiving fund assistance

  • Implementation of own initiatives

  • Motivation and speeches of speakers

  • Acquaintance with possibilities

Fill out the participant's form with program "4.5.0" and we will ask you for the closest partner!

  • Free meeting format

  • New acquaintances and networking

  • Receiving fund assistance

  • Implementation of own initiatives

  • Motivation and speeches of speakers

  • Familiarity with opportunities for war veterans

Fill out the "4.5.0" program participant questionnaire and we will invite you to the next meeting!

  • The number of participants in the group is up to 20 people;

  • Meetings will be held once every 10 days or as the group fills up;

  • Venue - comfortable halls of hotels in Odessa;

  • The duration of the meeting is 2-3 hours;

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The family is the most important environment where our defenders should receive support. Recovery and return to normal life largely depends on the atmosphere in the family. But at the same time when men are protecting us at the front, women and children feel stress and tension due to moving abroad, returning home, constant alarm signals, uncertainty about the future, worries about husband and father - all this leaves its mark on the psychological state of the mother and child

Работать из дома


 Employment is one of the problems on the path of adaptation to peaceful life among veterans of combat operations in Ukraine. Due to disability, many veterans will be left alone with the question "What to do next?". Young men and women between the ages of 30 and 45 are people in the prime of life who can become sought-after specialists on the labor market. 

   That is why, understanding the importance of realizing the abilities of veterans with disabilities, we have developed the "Own Realization" program, where every willing veteran can get new skills and employment in the field of IT and online professions.

What we offer:

  • passing testing on professional orientation;

  • free courses, lectures, trainings on current skills and professions;

  • help in creating a "selling" resume;

  • training on self-presentation skills;

  • employment in the Fund's partner companies.

Why do I need this?

  1. Getting a new life path;

  2. Improvement or acquisition of new skills/knowledge/profession in a promising field;

  3. Realization of own abilities;

  4. Increasing competitiveness in the labor market;

  5. Obtaining a job in the online sphere and a competitive salary;

  6. Motivation for action and development;

  7. Ability to work from anywhere on the planet.

How to get into the program?

  1. Fill out the questionnaire on the website - located below;

  2. Tell as much as possible about experience, knowledge and skills;

  3. Take a professional orientation test;

  4. Start studying according to the Lesson Plan.

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Military actions in Ukraine have led to a number of humanitarian problems, especially in the front-line zone. Understanding the need to provide the military and the population with food, water, hygiene products and things, the Fund, with the help of partners and caring Ukrainians, provides the military and civilians with the necessary supplies in the Kherson direction and in areas of extreme need.

What is needed constantly?

  • water;

  • food sets;

  • personal hygiene products for adults and children;

  • food for pets (cats, dogs);

  • sweets for children;

  • seasonal clothes for children;

  • trench candles

How can you help?

  • Call us or write on social networks/to the mailbox and find out the current list of the necessary and the date of the next departure;

  • Collect things from the necessary list;

  • Spread the word about the collection on your social networks;

  • Make a donation to the Fund's account with the intended purpose of payment.

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