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Humanitarian cargo to the Kherson region at position *0* and the village.

 The team of the 6.02 foundation delivered a humanitarian cargo to the zero positions of the Kherson direction in order to support our defenders with food, drinking water, masks and to encourage our boys. We express our gratitude to all those who did not care who helped collect humanitarian cargo, to those who swam net masks, who provided a car,   thank you that all people are understanding and help support our Heroes.

Detailed report
Humanitarian cargo worth 261,023 hryvnias was transported
Box of energy bars 
Portions of sukhpaya 
Box of instant pasta soups 
Chemical insoles 
Protein supplement box 
A box of caramel crisps 
A box of hot chocolate
Bottle of drinking water 
Various cookies 
Boxes of chocolate bars 
Coffee box 
A box of hot chocolate

Humanitarian cargo to the Dnipro. Horror, tears and real people...

We are soldiers, we have looked death in the eye, we are indomitable,

  We could not stand and be silent, We act...

   What happened in Dnipro is a horror, our 

    team reacted instantly and collected

    help the victims, collected what they could

    Medicines, clothing, food, thanks to the connection with the Dnipro-

    city council in coordination with

    mothers of the victims, carried what

    people need ed, I am military I was on

    zero I saw death. Inspiration, I am bound with

    of steel, I became unbreakable  in the Dnipro.  , I hope-

    yus that we are all people and we are not indifferent... ця 

    help will last as long as people

    But I want to draw everyone's attention .. We are one

      Country We are one People We are one Family ..

      We must help in difficult times....

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